2. Creating a social business. The challenge.


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Objectives and goals

Main Objective

This module aims to introduce the characteristics and behaviors that a social entrepreneur has to have and how to introduce the “social” approach in entrepreneurial process. Focusing on the main characteristics of a social entrepreneur, the module will support the motivation and reflection of the learners about social entrepreneurship to create and promote a business with social impact.

Learning objectives

  • Introduce the main characteristics and behaviors of a social entrepreneur.

  • Explain the differences between “entrepreneur” and “social entrepreneur”.

  • Explain the personal requirements to be a social entrepreneur.

  • Introduce different techniques that will support self-reflection to create a social business.

  • Explain how to include the social approach in an entrepreneurial process.

  • Introduce different techniques to analyse the environment and detect the social challenges.

  • Explore the benefits of a social business.

Learning outcomes

After completion of this module, the learner (you) will know:

  • what are the main characteristics and behaviors of a social entrepreneur;

  • do a self-assessment and identify the competences that they have to have to be a social entrepreneur;

  • reflect about the social scope of his/her entrepreneurial idea;

  • define the social approach of a business idea;

  • analyse the environment and identify the social needs and challenges;

  • how to integrate social challenges in their business idea; and

  • identify the benefit of the integration of social scope in a business idea.

Structure of the module

The content of the module is structure in two units:

Unit 1: Being a social entrepreneur.

Unit 2: Creating a social business

Duration of the module: 3 hours (see “Lesson plan” for more details)

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