4. Sustainable resources planning. Beyond planning.

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Objectives and goals

Main Objective

This module aims to introduce the basic knowledge to ensure the sustainable resources planning. The module will focus on identifying the different resources needed to develop the business idea and how to manage them in a sustainable and social way. It will include tangible and intangible resources as well how use them to improve the management of the business.

Learning objectives

  • Explain how to access in a sustainable way to some type of tangible resources;

  • Introduce the concept of sustainability in the resources management;

  • Explain some techniques that can support the effective and sustainable resources management;

  • Introduce how you can use different type of resources to turn idea into action;

  • Explain how to analyse the use of your resources and how to use this information to improve the social enterprise management

Learning outcomes

After completion of this module, the learner (you) will know:

  • different type of resources to manage a social business;

  • how to manage the resources in a sustainable way;

  • what are the benefits of sustainable management of resources;

  • how to assess the different use of resources;

  • use the information on resources management to improve the business environment;

Structure of the module

The content of the module is structure in three units:

Unit 1: Resources in a social business

Unit 2: Sustainable use of resources in a social business

Unit 3: Assess the resources management to improve the business environment

Duration of the module: 4 hours and 30 minutes(see “Lesson plan” for more details)

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